What to look for in a binary options platform provider

This blog is for those who have decided that they want to enter the world of binary trading as operators. As an operator you will most probably be coming from the non tech savvy industry and therefore the biggest hurdle that one might come across will be on how to choose a genuine platform supplier that will provide you with the best technology out there. We enumerate for you the technicalities on which your focus should be while choosing the right platform.

Front End

Preference should be given to the provider which has with him the ability to develop and maintain your website. This will save a lot of your time, hard work and money. See also the time frame in which he can provide you with the same. Normally the time ranges from 6 to 8 weeks with SEO compatibility.

binary_option_016Trading Platform

The website is a tool that serves only as a parcel that contains your brokerage services. Your profit depends more on trading platform that you choose and less on the website. The things that should make a difference in your final selection are:

Live telecasts- By this we mean the providence of a live running stream of the market data. This is basically how the investors will know what the current market trends are. It should be well equipped with latest news providers like Bloomberg and others.

UI- Simplicity is the best thing to go with. An easily understandable system renders itself to more possibilities. Keeping user interface as simple as possible will leverage it towards easy accessibility.

Mobility- A cell phone app is a must because in today’s market most of the traffic received comes directly from the mobile phones. See that your provider works on it.


Backend systems

It will be the backend systems providing you with all the support for your daily activities. Let’s look at various options that your backend system must have.

CRM- Stands for Customer Relation Management software. It is one of those things that will help you manage the practices and strategies that you will use to manage customer interactions. A good CRM provides you reports that generate clear insight of businesses.

BI- Stands for business intelligent system. It is helpful when you want to analyze big and small data for easy decision making process.

Affiliate Program- These have their main responsibility as to the bringing of traffic to your website. Also be sure to use a system that can track campaigns.


You can save a lot of resources by finding a provider that provides you with hosting and integration services. Make sure that they have API tools. These will help you to easily integrate with third party apps.

Regulation Services

You cannot do without licensing. Choose a provider that has with him a market marker license under which you can work. This will eliminate the need for you to go through the complex proceedings in obtaining a license and you will still be at peace in carrying your business under the restrictions of the local law.

Auxiliary support

Choose a provider that is always ready to provide you every support that you may need anytime. A support that is quick and based on latest practices. A good provider will offer training to you and your team. He will also provide knowledge to the clients and customers.

Before going for any provider make sure that you have done your research well by keeping in mind the above points. Finally choose a provider that will help you build great connections because in the world of brokerage its connections that matter.

Selecting a Binary Broker in today’s market

binary_option_007Binary options are traded under the regulation and authorisation of SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission). CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) has been doing trading since June 2008. We can say that when it comes to regulation the pace of the US market has been a little slower than the world market. Only Malta and Cyprus    are the countries that regulate binaries under financial instruments. FSA (UK’s Financial Services Authority) will also introduce it shortly.

Why we talk about such regulations is because it’s very important that your investments come under some type of legal government authority. This is also the reason that the most reputed binary brokers in the business are based in Cyprus and come under (CySEC) Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Today because of this gap in the regulation many brokers are not accepting Americans.

Binary options brokers

With so many brokers out there we have a lot of diversity. Although most of the binary brokers you find, will be reliable and will carry an accreditation from some sort of government regulated board.  We will recommend you to make proper research with some reliable third-party before making any payments of cash to any binary options broker.

bad binary options brokers - PigsPayout level is the next thing to look out for when selecting any broker. The higher the risk, the more the payout. Take for example a reduced risk option that can pay as low as 50% and a higher risk option paying as much as 90%. Look for a trader offering you the benefits of a Demo Account to get a feel of options suiting your particular style.

What come next is the brokers that operate online. Online trading platform comes with the benefit that it is easy to use. The only thing you need to select is a simple call or put option. Online trading also comes with technical charts, helpful in trading and making predictions.


How to choose binary options broker

We now give you the list that tells you what to look when selecting a broker.

Assets: See the list of all the assets that the broker is offering you for trade. Be sure that they trade major assets such as commodities, indices, Forex and stocks. The good ones will offer you more than 50 assets to trade including currency pairs like EURO, USD indices such as NASDAQ, commodities like Gold and Oil and stocks like Google & Microsoft.

Expiration time: Every broker provides different expiry time. These times can range from 60 seconds to even a month. Select a broker which provides the expiry time on which you want to trade.

Trading Tools: Many binary options brokers offer only daily and weekly market analysis on their sites. Look for brokers which also offer trading tools. These are very important because they help you predict the volatility of the market.

Payouts: The average payout stays between 75% to 85% and sometimes reaching 90% at the higher end of the scale. Some traders offer a payback of up to 15% if you lose the money while trading.

Costumer Support: customer satisfaction relies heavily on customer support. One should be able to get in touch with the broker easily and quickly. Make sure he provides chat support and that to in different languages. To check the level of customer support you can contact them before going for the final offer. This will tell you how they will respond in their overall interaction with you when you start to trade.

Withdrawal: make sure to conform from someone about how the broker deals with the overall withdrawal process. Also be sure it’s quick and easy.

Promotions and bonuses: Some brokers will offer you promotions on initial deposits. With so much competition in the market you may get good rewards if you search the right broker.